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Desperately Seeking Senior living is for all the sons, daughters, grandkids and spouses who suddenly find themselves tangled in the search for senior living and care. Join us for Doable Tips or our full length Family Talk episodes where our Host Valerie Borgman interviews families about their experiences searching for senior living and care. Dive deeper with our Doable Download where we include industry definitions and bonus tips from our guests. All designed to help you take a desperate situation and make it doable.

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June 12, 2021




Here are two great ways to connect with our show


1.  FAMILY TALK: We're interviewing real families who have been through the search for senior living and care. Many families tell us that these episodes feel like therapy. It's a great way to feel connected and know that you're not alone! As you quickly scroll through the show these episodes are easy to find! Look for black and white headshots. These are our families! Or you can always type "Family Talk" in the search bar. Would you like to share your story? Email us!



2. DOABLE TIPS: These short episodes are designed to answer your questions. Many episodes feature industry professionals talking about what's important to you! Answering the questions that families ask the most. These episodes are designed to be short episodes so you can get the information as quickly as possible. Type your question in the search bar and quickly find the episodes that relate to your situation. Don't see your question? That's ok! Email us at and ask away! Then subscribe so you know when we've answered your question.


We hope you find our show helpful whichever episodes you connect with!

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